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Since opening in 2019, KustomjigheadS has been proud to serve the Upper Coomera community. We’re committed to not only providing quality products and services, but going above and beyond to ensure our customers are completely satisfied. We welcome you to look through our site to see all we have to offer.


About KustomjigheadS

Who We Are

We are trying to provide a good quality jighead that is not readily available in Australia in the configuration that the angler needs to suit their style of fishing. This includes jighead configuration, hook size, weight and colour. (In other words I look after casting what you need as best I can.) I have trialled a number of different manufacturing techniques and have settled a number of temperature settings that give a good result on the Japanese Gamakatsu hooks that I use as a standard.

We are trying to encourage anglers to participate further an their angling experience by providing jigheads that they can use straight up by fitting one of their preferred soft plastics to and casting, or hopefully tying a configuration of tail material onto and maybe finishing with some adhesive eyes. Similar to the number of anglers that are making their own timber lures, I am trying to supply a range of different jigheads that anglers can customize.

We are using molds from a proven American manufacturer that has some 480+ molds in their standard range. In other words the jigs swim fit for purpose with little or no tuning.

We manufacture within the tolerances that the mold will allow us to alter the hooks. As an example I can mold 1 gram onto a #2 hook that was machined for a #6 hook, also 12 grams onto a 5/0 hook that was machined for a 3/0 hook. (This has at times required some minor machining of the mold.)

We have a range of about a dozen popular colours at the moment but are happy to powder coat as requested, even to a supplied mix provided by the customer. The jigs are dipped into a solid colour not a fluidbath to give a good thickness colour that is then baked for 40-45 minutes. This gives a high gloss finish that is very scratch resistant but will chip when it hits solid objects like rocks and bridges. (There are a few QA rejects available for you to have a look at to confirm their resilience.)

If you have a need that is not addressed by our current range then please let us know what you looking for. We have plans to grow the range that we are currently offering and given time to get the mold, we are only too happy to adjust to what people are need.

Please talk to us and let us know in case we are able to offer what you need that we do not provide in our standard range.


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